Monday, June 23, 2008

Minnesota for the Weekend

Sunil, Marlon, and I started the weekend on Friday at 4AM. We woke up, got dressed and headed to the airport. Narrowly cathing our 6:15AM flight, Stupid long security line, we headed off to Minnesota. Arriving at the Minneapolis Airport at about 8:30AM we were greeted by "Grandma" JoJo and Dayna. We then proceeded up to the "Country" to see my dad Craig! He lives about 45 minutes north of my mom. Sonali came over and we took "Yoshi" the Prius up North! I figured since Marlon is a city kid, she might enjoy being on a bunch of land and driving some tractors around. Well, the land brought mosquitoes and grasshoppers so she wasn't a big fan of that, but she did LOVE driving the tractors! My Dad is always up for some clowning around, so we had a ton of fun.

Marlon riding the "little tractor"

Dayna riding the other little tractor

The biggest thrill was Marlon driving the big tractor called "Erma." You can see it on the video I've uploaded. My Dad kept encouraging her to steer me into the tall weeds and trees. Good times.

I fell in the mud! The Rum River flooded and left this patch of muddy gook behind. I thought I would be funny and jump into it to splash everyone, only I slipped and landed on my butt! Everyone else was laughing at me falling in the mud.

Then went to Nicki and Dustin's wedding, after all the Mud was was washed off, of course.
Dancing the night away.
"Grandma" JoJo running into the pic with Sunil and Joann (The other JoJo)
Nicki the Rock Star Bride

Saturday we went to the Mall of America! We went to Underwater World. Marlon wanted nothing to do with the tunnel we have to go through with water and sharks over our head, so Sunil and Marlon went to the other side while the rest of us went through the underwater part. At the end of the tour they have a pool to pet the sting-rays and sharks. They are really creepy feeling, but it was cool!

Then the Mall of America has a theme park inside the middle of the mall called "Nick Universe." This is where my Sis and Marlon went on their first roller coaster!
Dayna bumpin' Sunil

This was a packed weekend full of family and friends. We had a great time and are ready to go back!!!
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