Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend and BBQ fun

Sunil and I held our first "Urban Hide-Away BBQ" yesterday.  It was good times! As always an eclectic group of people came up to enjoy our roof deck and food. Almost all of my Improv Troupe "Punching Hal" and Phil and Ruthann(our Brooklyn-based adopted Family), Betsey, Reed, Erin, the band known as "Leigh - Ra"  our neighbor Melanie and of course, the party didn't start until Pinecone made his entrance. I love the circle of friends that we have gathered over the years in New York and continue to be blessed by their warmth, humor, generosity, and ability to put up with Sunil and I :)

I will share a little bit of pics, it seems I was two busy BBQing to take many pics. But our friend Michael had a camera and I expect to see those crazy shots soon. I will share those when he loads them onto picassa.

Later all and enjoy the Monday off! WAHOOO!

Leigh - Ra from the left, Andy, Christy, Donald, Paulie
Erin and I dressing for success

Melanie our new neighbor on the left and Michael.

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