Saturday, May 03, 2008

Marlon's Birthday

For those who can't read Tamil. Let me just let you know that I found the super cool translating button on Blogger and had to play with it. I think Tamil is what Sunil's Mom's side speaks so I guess we will find out. :)

Now I will speak, in English, about Marlon and Sunil's Birthdays. Marlon invited three friends this year to Build-A-Bear with her and eat some Burgers and Cupcakes. It was a fun night filled with stuffings soft friends and dressing them in the latest garb. We then went crosstown to a restaurant called 'Burgers and Cupcakes' and let me tell you, they do both extremely well!

Here are a couple pictures of the event.
Sophie and Marlon fluffing the fur of their new friends.
All the girls and their new friends

Wishing Marlon a Happy Birthday with a cupcake!

Before all of that Marlon enjoyed a morning full of opening presents from all her family!
Thank you so much to all of her amazing family and friends. She truly is a blessed little thing! Her childhood has been made more interesting, exciting and full of love thanks to all that support and love her from afar. Thank you!

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