Friday, May 02, 2008

Lots to catch up on

OK, this is Mandi. Just wanted to let you know that my little amazing laptop is sick and I don't think it's going to make it. She has had a great life. Living in two different states, seeing me through about 5 different jobs, traveling back and forth with me to Minnesota, Michigan, California, New Jersey, Maryland, and Nebraska. She was born in 2004, and lived a great life. But now, I think I must say good-bye. Sunil and I are going to have to take my poor computer out to the field and shoot her in the head, proverbially speaking of course. We are currently seeking a new computer. Younger, Faster, Larger than any computer we've ever had before. I think the next computer we bring home will be one that stays home. One that no longer follows me and sits on my lap. This computer will do many things. God willing and funds providing, I believe this computer will be an IMAC!!!!!!!! For those who aren't familiar with the Apple family let me share the picture of this wonderful computer. Some of you might be saying, "well, where is the computer? All she is showing me is the monitor." Well folks, that IS the computer! The computer is in the monitor. Look closely. It's there I promise. So let me point out the next few steps the Rajan family is going to take to hopefully bring our new girl home.
Step One: Picking it out. Check...
Step Two: Praying for the funds. In progress...
Step Three: Soliciting to third-party donors who feel bad that I have to resort to sneaking onto Sunil's computer while he reads bedtime stories to Marlon in the other room. This is the only time I have to actually do any 'extra curricular' web-type activities such as, but not limited to; personal email, myspace, facebook, promoting the comedy improv troupe I'm in called "Punching Hal", shopping for said computer, looking for a new bicycle since Sunil and I are going to start to ride with Marlon, blogging this amazing blog, downloading pics from the family funtimes, and corresponding to the awesome family members and friends who read this blog. SOOOO, you see, I have to fit all of this stuff into the time it takes for Marlon to; listen to a couple chapters of 'Sideways Stories at Wayside School,' get a drink of water, take her Zurtec, puff her inhaler, and fall asleep. (sigh) I better get going. But before I go, just know we take cash, checks, and paypal. :)

Love you all.


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