Monday, May 26, 2008

City Biking Adventure

My new pink bike!

Sunil's new bike that's not new or pink. But used and red!

Sunil and I decided to enjoy the 80 Degree weather by going for a bike adventure. Here we are getting ready in front of our building.   I have to tell you, I've been really nervous about becoming a biker in the city as the traffic and the sheer amount of people scare the crap out of me. Since Marlon is riding super well and is frustrated that we can't keep up on foot, Sunil and I both bought bikes. We've already been 20 blocks with Marlon to the grocery store and back. Down hill on the way there, and UPHILL the way back. brutal, but we did it. So today, this being the day of Memorial, we got our butts up (And eventually around 2PM) went for a bike ride down to the pier where the U.S. has an aircraft carrier docked for Fleet Week. It was a BEAUTIFUL ride, however, I was tired by 110th street and that was about half way. That, and I forgot to grab my water bottle, so I was thirsty!  We did it! It was hot and we had stop a couple times, but all in all, I was impressed with Sunil. He wasn't even winded, I was gasping. I'm the one who works out! Ugh. We decided to head up on Central Park West as it is nicely shaded. We began at 57th street and didn't get caught at a single light until 117th. Nice. 
We are home now, and can't seem to get our butts to Phil and Ruthhann's BBQ in Brooklyn. I'm glad they are forgiving. We will eventually take the trip on our bikes over the Williamsburg bridge. Until then, we will reserve the Rav4 for such adventures. OH, BTW, I LOVE riding in the city and wished I conquered that fear earlier, because it is SO easy!
I'm going to drop now. 

I mapped it out, and our adventure was 12.4 miles.

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