Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hamilton Grange

This is Alexander Hamiltons country home. Yup, its 40 feet in the air in the muddle of convent street. They are moving it around the corner. It had to go up and over a church veranda built next to it. Crazy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

City Biking Adventure

My new pink bike!

Sunil's new bike that's not new or pink. But used and red!

Sunil and I decided to enjoy the 80 Degree weather by going for a bike adventure. Here we are getting ready in front of our building.   I have to tell you, I've been really nervous about becoming a biker in the city as the traffic and the sheer amount of people scare the crap out of me. Since Marlon is riding super well and is frustrated that we can't keep up on foot, Sunil and I both bought bikes. We've already been 20 blocks with Marlon to the grocery store and back. Down hill on the way there, and UPHILL the way back. brutal, but we did it. So today, this being the day of Memorial, we got our butts up (And eventually around 2PM) went for a bike ride down to the pier where the U.S. has an aircraft carrier docked for Fleet Week. It was a BEAUTIFUL ride, however, I was tired by 110th street and that was about half way. That, and I forgot to grab my water bottle, so I was thirsty!  We did it! It was hot and we had stop a couple times, but all in all, I was impressed with Sunil. He wasn't even winded, I was gasping. I'm the one who works out! Ugh. We decided to head up on Central Park West as it is nicely shaded. We began at 57th street and didn't get caught at a single light until 117th. Nice. 
We are home now, and can't seem to get our butts to Phil and Ruthhann's BBQ in Brooklyn. I'm glad they are forgiving. We will eventually take the trip on our bikes over the Williamsburg bridge. Until then, we will reserve the Rav4 for such adventures. OH, BTW, I LOVE riding in the city and wished I conquered that fear earlier, because it is SO easy!
I'm going to drop now. 

I mapped it out, and our adventure was 12.4 miles.

Memorial Day Weekend and BBQ fun

Sunil and I held our first "Urban Hide-Away BBQ" yesterday.  It was good times! As always an eclectic group of people came up to enjoy our roof deck and food. Almost all of my Improv Troupe "Punching Hal" and Phil and Ruthann(our Brooklyn-based adopted Family), Betsey, Reed, Erin, the band known as "Leigh - Ra"  our neighbor Melanie and of course, the party didn't start until Pinecone made his entrance. I love the circle of friends that we have gathered over the years in New York and continue to be blessed by their warmth, humor, generosity, and ability to put up with Sunil and I :)

I will share a little bit of pics, it seems I was two busy BBQing to take many pics. But our friend Michael had a camera and I expect to see those crazy shots soon. I will share those when he loads them onto picassa.

Later all and enjoy the Monday off! WAHOOO!

Leigh - Ra from the left, Andy, Christy, Donald, Paulie
Erin and I dressing for success

Melanie our new neighbor on the left and Michael.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

My Sis

I just wanted to show off my little sis a little. She just finished her spring hockey league and will be moving to soccer. Here she is playing DEFENSE! It's fun to watch little girls kick some butt! :)

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunil's Birthday

Thursday was Sunil's Birthday. We didn't do much. It was crappy weather outside, so he wanted to stay home. We watched the second season of Weeds and drank some Bailey's mint chocolate Irish Cream.

On Friday, M and I got some Magic Cupcakes and set up the house for a little party for Poppi.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

the duck family (i'm studying ducks)

just searching online for a couple duck pictures... thought I would share a few with you.
the picture above is a male and a female... the male is the colorful one

want to take a swim with these little ducklings??

Face Paint!!!

Here they are!!!

Tribeca Film Family Festival

M and her Friend Sophie at the Tribeca Film Family Festival. They are in line to get their face painted. Good times

Marlon's Birthday

For those who can't read Tamil. Let me just let you know that I found the super cool translating button on Blogger and had to play with it. I think Tamil is what Sunil's Mom's side speaks so I guess we will find out. :)

Now I will speak, in English, about Marlon and Sunil's Birthdays. Marlon invited three friends this year to Build-A-Bear with her and eat some Burgers and Cupcakes. It was a fun night filled with stuffings soft friends and dressing them in the latest garb. We then went crosstown to a restaurant called 'Burgers and Cupcakes' and let me tell you, they do both extremely well!

Here are a couple pictures of the event.
Sophie and Marlon fluffing the fur of their new friends.
All the girls and their new friends

Wishing Marlon a Happy Birthday with a cupcake!

Before all of that Marlon enjoyed a morning full of opening presents from all her family!
Thank you so much to all of her amazing family and friends. She truly is a blessed little thing! Her childhood has been made more interesting, exciting and full of love thanks to all that support and love her from afar. Thank you!

பிர்த்டி ஹப்பிநேச்ஸ்!

ஹலோ இந்தியன் பாமிலி. இ ஜஸ்ட் பௌந்து திஸ் கிரேட் ற்றன்ச்லடிங் தேவிசே அண்ட் தௌக்த்ட் இ வௌல்து ட்ரை இட் அவுட். இ ஹோபே திஸ் பிண்ட்ஸ் யு வெள். இ'ம் கோஇங் டு வறிதே அபௌட் மார்லன் அண்ட் சுனில்'ச பிர்த்டய்ஸ் நொவ். இ பெட்டேர் டூ இட் இன் இங்கிலீஷ் சோ எவேர்யோனே கேன் ரேஅது.

வித் லவ் அண்ட் ப்லேச்சிங்க்ஸ்,

Friday, May 02, 2008

Lots to catch up on

OK, this is Mandi. Just wanted to let you know that my little amazing laptop is sick and I don't think it's going to make it. She has had a great life. Living in two different states, seeing me through about 5 different jobs, traveling back and forth with me to Minnesota, Michigan, California, New Jersey, Maryland, and Nebraska. She was born in 2004, and lived a great life. But now, I think I must say good-bye. Sunil and I are going to have to take my poor computer out to the field and shoot her in the head, proverbially speaking of course. We are currently seeking a new computer. Younger, Faster, Larger than any computer we've ever had before. I think the next computer we bring home will be one that stays home. One that no longer follows me and sits on my lap. This computer will do many things. God willing and funds providing, I believe this computer will be an IMAC!!!!!!!! For those who aren't familiar with the Apple family let me share the picture of this wonderful computer. Some of you might be saying, "well, where is the computer? All she is showing me is the monitor." Well folks, that IS the computer! The computer is in the monitor. Look closely. It's there I promise. So let me point out the next few steps the Rajan family is going to take to hopefully bring our new girl home.
Step One: Picking it out. Check...
Step Two: Praying for the funds. In progress...
Step Three: Soliciting to third-party donors who feel bad that I have to resort to sneaking onto Sunil's computer while he reads bedtime stories to Marlon in the other room. This is the only time I have to actually do any 'extra curricular' web-type activities such as, but not limited to; personal email, myspace, facebook, promoting the comedy improv troupe I'm in called "Punching Hal", shopping for said computer, looking for a new bicycle since Sunil and I are going to start to ride with Marlon, blogging this amazing blog, downloading pics from the family funtimes, and corresponding to the awesome family members and friends who read this blog. SOOOO, you see, I have to fit all of this stuff into the time it takes for Marlon to; listen to a couple chapters of 'Sideways Stories at Wayside School,' get a drink of water, take her Zurtec, puff her inhaler, and fall asleep. (sigh) I better get going. But before I go, just know we take cash, checks, and paypal. :)

Love you all.