Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Quarterly Check Up

Last Thursday Sunil went in for his quartlerly MRI and Dr Abrey says all is well! WAHOO. 'cept she also said that Sunil should start exercising. I think I might have to take up tennis to get him motivated. :)

All is well in NYC. I just got done with an amazing on-camera audition class with Heidi Marshall, who is an awesome person and a great teacher. She inspired me to go on more auditions, and I hope I will. I feel ready! I just need new headshots because mine are a little out of date.

What else...

Sunil is working part time at Jazz At Lincoln Center in the Jazz/Supper Club called Dizzy's Club Coca-Cola (named for Dizzy Gillespie). He seems to be subbing a lot there which is nice for us to have some more income, for me to have the house to myself, and for Sunil to actually get to mix live music, which he loves to do.

I have some pics and stories I want to share with ya'll, but can't right now. I'll post another blog soon.

Love to our family and friends.

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