Saturday, March 22, 2008

E.Bunny and Ninja Robots!

We celebrated Easter a day early with Marlon. Luckily E. Bunny got the message and came to visit. Marlon wanted proof that the Easter Bunny was real, so she left her a note.

We decorated Easter eggs for the E. Bunny to hide for Marlon.

Once we went to bed, E. Bunny went to work! She not only hid the Easter eggs that we decorated, she hid 4 eggs full of Quarters and a solid chocolate bunny. It was really funny that the bunny was hidden in the grass in our fake plant.

After Marlon had a computer/cell phone playdate with Dayna. Sunil and Marlon finished working on her robot Ninja model that she got for Christmas. This thing is awesome!!!

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