Monday, February 11, 2008


Sorry for the lapse in blogs. Our life got really boring for a minute. But just in case you find the past month interesting I will put the improtant events in bullet points.

*We saw Cloverfield
*Sunil taught Cody how to speak.
*I got the Flu (It was gross)
*I started two new acting/writing classes
*Sunil worked at the shop for 3 weeks and subbed at Dizzy's club at Jazz and Lincoln Center

That's about it. Now to last weekend.

Sunil, Marlon, Sonali, Nate, and Myself surprised Ma for her Birthday and came out to visit!This was a ground breaking event as it was Marlon's first trip with Poppi and Me. It was a great weekend and went by way too fast.

Here is the pic taken right after the surprise. All the grown-ups sent Marlon to the door by herself and we hid behind the garage. Ma came to the door and saw a kid standing there, she opened the screen door and saw that it was Marlon and was so excited! I think her arms grew 4 extra feet to sweep Marlon up in her arms and hug her. The cute thing is, Marlon is soon to be as tall as her poppimom and she is only turning 8!

Marlon had never been sledding! So we took the opportunity to show her the amazing fun of wrecklessly going down the hill on a blown-up tube with no brakes. It was awesome! I'm pretty sure we had more fun than her, but I think it's because we couldn't see her smile in her headsock. :)

Marlon and Nate practicing before we went...

This was our TubeTrain. The best way to end an afternoon sledding!

We tried to leave a snowman for Poppimom and Tha Tha but it was soooo cold the snow was dry and not sticking together. So we left them with a snow blob, can you see his face?

We spent lots of time cooking, playing games, and playing in the snow. Lots of time getting squeezes from Ma and listening to bad jokes from Pa.
Cousin Prithum's new teacup Chihuahua Delila.

SOme activities included: Having our favorite breakfast of Poha. Shopping in a mall and eating at a food court. OH, and going to Caesarland (Just like Chuck E Cheese but owned by Little Caesar's Pizza.) Met lots of wonderful Indian Aunties and Uncles.

Marlon and Cousin Prithum

And although our flight was delayed because of high winds in LGA we ended the trip with smiles on our faces and a much anticipated reunion with Marlon's mom. :)

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