Sunday, December 23, 2007

Baby Visit and My Jewish Boss

Emma and Lola came to visit the office on Thursday. Emma is a great friend and Lola is the cutest thing ever! Emma used to work at Centre, I mentioned her in a previous blog when she was still pregnant. She is the reason I'm working at Centre! Thank God for her! Here are some pics from their visit.

Me, Lola, Jen, and Emma

My boss Richard is an amazingly generous thoughtful man that hides it with insults and complaining. He is truly a person you can't explain, you have to meet him to truly get what I'm trying to say. My first couple days temping at Centre everyone I met would say:

Them: "OH you're supporting Richard"
Them:"UH OH you have Richard?!"
Me: "What's wrong with Richard?"
Them: "UM, Nothing, he's a great guy"
Me: "Then why can't anyone explain him to me?"
Them: "You're just going to have to meet him"
So there it was. Thus began the relationship between boss and assistant. Of course, it turns out, he is hilarious and a very smart man who has a great family. He gives everyone a hard time and stirs the place up, which is a welcome distraction from the everyday norm. Needless to say He will dish out some sarcastic comment and I throw one right back. I don't think he was expecting that at first and now welcomes it. I don't take no Sh*t from no one! :) Ha
So for his "Holiday" present I found this poster. A bunch of people in the office chipped in and signed it with me. It was a big hit and he enjoyed it! Plus, we all got a HUGE laugh from it.

It says "Jews Kick Ass!" and has pictures of 6 famous Jewish people: Jesus, Bob Dillon, Captain Kirk, Fonzie, Einstein, and Sammie Davis Jr!

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