Monday, December 31, 2007

Sunil's White Christmas

We had a very white Christmas this year. From the snow to my family members, Sunil was surrounded by white! :) But it was great fun, and not too cold. We started our Christmas eve at 4AM when we woke to take a car service to LGA. Just as we got to the toll booth to head across the Triborough Bridge Sunil realized his money clip with his ID was still at home! The driver had to drive all the way across the bridge into Queens then back again. He was amazing and God was surely with us, because we made it back to our house, we grabbed his money clip and our EZPASS and headed back to the airport. With the EZPASS we were able to bypass the long cash only line and make it to the airport just in time to check in, go through security and board the plane! We were off to the frozen land of my people. We got in and Mary Jo was waiting for us. The first thing Sunil and I did was get a Caribou coffee the best coffee ever, pick up our luggage and head to my parents house to grab the car. We went to my friend Jamie's house and saw Jamie, Greg, Madi, and Sofi. Oh and their animals Mia, Harley, and Sally.

Madison and me

Sofi and Sunil. I think she was trying to figure out who the hottie brown man was. :)

Me and Harley (Everything seems to look cooler in black and white)

Mia the Chihuahua

After stopping at the Beaty, Chenoweth, Chilton household we headed up to Stanchfield "the country" where the Bedbury's were having their family Christmas. It was at my dad Craig and Step-Mom Becky's house. They live on an awesome plot of land large enough to snowmobile on! SOOO MUCH FUN!!! Our camera died before we could get any pics of the snowmobilin' but I can tell you it consisted of my dad jumping over stuff to make me scream, my brother almost tipping it over, Sunil driving very well, and my step-sis Stephanie and I getting stuck by a tree, we missed the tree, but not by much.

Me and my God-Mother/Great Aunt Gloria Bedbury

Me and my pops


Christmas day we went to my Mom's side of the family AKA "The Magnusons" and proceeded to lose some of our hearing from the loudness of the females in the room. Seriously, my aunts make me seem quiet. No lie.

My Mom(Mary Jo) and me

My Aunts and Uncle making a silly face around my Grandma and Grandpa Magnuson

The Brother-in-Laws (Sunil and Matt)


The day After Christmas we went sledding! Sunil, Doug(Step-Dad), Dayna(Sis), Courtney (Sis's Friend), Sonali(sis-in-law), Nate(bro-in-law, and Myself. It snowed almost all day on Christmas so the hill was untainted and ready for us! The first couple times down all you got was a face full of snow. We spent about 2 hours going up and down the hill. Out of all of us, I think my Step-Dad Doug went down the most. He didn't tire, it was amazing! We finished off the afternoon with Taco John's and the Wii. Did I mention the Family got a Wii from Santa? Yippee Santa!

Sunil and Sonali playing Tennis

All four of us went down the hill on one tube. We flew over a jump and blew a HUGE whole in the tube. We all flew off and got covered in snow. It was awesome!
(Pictured is my Sister Dayna's friend Courtney, My Sis Dayna, Myself, and my Bro-in-law Nate)

That night Sunil, and I went to the Anderson's house for a little party thrown in honor of us being in town! It was great fun! Thanks Andersons for having us over. Sonali, Nate, Nicki, Joann, Allison, Keith, Clara, Gretchen, Hailey, Ezra, and Hansen were all there. We ended the night with a massive Guitar Hero Session.

Dante my old Pooch! I miss him. He lives with Allison, Keith, and Clara now.

The Girls

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ice Skating

Last Saturday we went to Riverside Park which is about three blocks from our house and went ice skating! The skates we rented weren't the best but we had fun! Marlon became a great teacher to a couple of kids that don't skate do well. There was only one wipe out, and we all skated without holding on to the edge! :)

Marlon taught me that if you fell like you are going to fall over, you should touch your knees to regain your balance. It worked for me!

Before we went ice skating we fueled up on some McDonalds.

Marlon was very full! I'm pointing at her big full belly.

Just another lunch with Mandi and Marlon, not really sure what this is, but it looks funny.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas with Mo

Since we are going to Minnesota for Christmas and Marlon and her Mom are going to Florida, we had Christmas this weekend.
Here are some pics from the gift opening!

Baby Visit and My Jewish Boss

Emma and Lola came to visit the office on Thursday. Emma is a great friend and Lola is the cutest thing ever! Emma used to work at Centre, I mentioned her in a previous blog when she was still pregnant. She is the reason I'm working at Centre! Thank God for her! Here are some pics from their visit.

Me, Lola, Jen, and Emma

My boss Richard is an amazingly generous thoughtful man that hides it with insults and complaining. He is truly a person you can't explain, you have to meet him to truly get what I'm trying to say. My first couple days temping at Centre everyone I met would say:

Them: "OH you're supporting Richard"
Them:"UH OH you have Richard?!"
Me: "What's wrong with Richard?"
Them: "UM, Nothing, he's a great guy"
Me: "Then why can't anyone explain him to me?"
Them: "You're just going to have to meet him"
So there it was. Thus began the relationship between boss and assistant. Of course, it turns out, he is hilarious and a very smart man who has a great family. He gives everyone a hard time and stirs the place up, which is a welcome distraction from the everyday norm. Needless to say He will dish out some sarcastic comment and I throw one right back. I don't think he was expecting that at first and now welcomes it. I don't take no Sh*t from no one! :) Ha
So for his "Holiday" present I found this poster. A bunch of people in the office chipped in and signed it with me. It was a big hit and he enjoyed it! Plus, we all got a HUGE laugh from it.

It says "Jews Kick Ass!" and has pictures of 6 famous Jewish people: Jesus, Bob Dillon, Captain Kirk, Fonzie, Einstein, and Sammie Davis Jr!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Dayna, the Hockey Player

My sister is a 10 year old bad ass! She's in her second year of playing hockey and is doing great! She scored two goals already this season and her team won a hockey tournament. I wanted to show her off a little bit. I think it's funny that my youth was filled with crinoline and lace with ballet slippers and a bun-head. Hers is filled with Jane shorts, padding, jerseys, and hockey sticks. That, in my opinion, is so much cooler!

U10 Gold Champions of Hastings Sugar & Spice Tournament December 9, 2007

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Thanksgiving Day 2

My Mom and Sunil

Dessert in the tent

Donald and Paul cooking

The whole party!

Thanksgiving Day

So here are the pictures of our amazing "Orphans" Thanksgiving. We put up a tent on our roofdeck and had 14 people over for wine and turkey.

Sarah and Mandi

Donald and Angela

Paul and Pinecone

Everyone eating in the tent

Mandi attacking Dayna,