Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Turkey Day!

Mary Jo (mom), Doug (step-dad), and Dayna (sister) came to New York for Thanksgiving! It was super fun, although mom wasn't here 10 Minutes and began sweeping my floor, she even moved furniture and swept underneath! Weird huh? :)

We had Orphans Thanksgiving again, there was 14 people in our tiny apt! Luckily tho it was 60 Degrees out, yup, 60 degrees! Sunil and put up a tent on our roof-deck and had Turkey day out there! Unfortunately the Turkey took about 3 more hours than expected so we were all 4 bottles into wine and starving by the time we ate. On the plus side my sis and I got to play "oven-mit ninjas", that was fun.

We stuffed in as many touristy things as possible, Thanksgiving Day Parade, The Natural History Museum, My Office (33rd floor across the street from Ground Zero), Staten Island Ferry, Lombardi's (1st pizzeria in USA).

I'm attaching some pics, its funny but most of them are of us either traveling on the train, or waiting around to eat.

This is us walking to the train after we picked Marlon up Saturday morning, it's off to site-seeing we go!
Below is Mom, Dayna and I waiting to get into the Natural History Museum

This is Mom's attempt to get a candid shot of me and my sister, we don't do candid shots very well. :)

The famous Wall Street Bull

Dayna and Marlon watching "My Gym Partner is a Monkey" on my ipod. Thank God for modern technology, we had to wait 30 minutes to be sat at Lombardi's, thankfully we sat before we ran out of cartoons!

Two VERY worn out girls!

I'm am definitely getting some love!

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