Friday, November 02, 2007

Halloween Time

Two weeks ago we watched Ghostbusters Two with Marlon. I remembered that Sonali, Angela and I were Ghostbusters for Halloween in 2004. So I pulled out the costume and Marlon wore it. A lil' big tho huh?

Last Friday I had a Sketch Comedy Show (It will be on YouTube eventually) so Sunil picked Marlon up from school and took her to her school's annual Disco Dance fundraiser. I wish I could have seen her in her Disco outfit! She went home with her Mom Friday night and we picked her up in the morning. It was raining and cold out so we went to Forbidden Planet and bought a Robot Model. They put it together in a couple hours even though it had the smallest pieces ever, I would have been terrible at it. Sunil and Marlon are great with details!

Sunil and I didn't get into the Halloween spirit this year, but Marlon had enough spirit for all of us combined! This year she was a spy, inspired by the now infamous Spy Birthday Party Donald and Pauly had this summer.

Her school has a Halloween parade first thing in the morning.
This is Elio (Not sure how to spell his name) I love his hat!

They went around the block and then sat on the school's stairs and sang a "spooky" Halloween song.

Sunil is now at his gig he is doing for Yale, and I have the night to myself! WAHOO! Say a prayer for Sunil, he might have a job offer that would let him have a steady gig in music in the city. It would be good for him....

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