Saturday, September 15, 2007

Weekends of fun

We've had some fun past couple weeks and I haven't had a chance to blog.

Marlon was sick this week! Had to come home with a fever on Wednesday. She still wanted to visit us this weekend. Sunil was on "all night nurse duty" as she woke up coughing and crying. He was there to calm her down and give her a popsicle to help her throat not hurt. I didn't hear her a bit but went to check on them both when sunil wasn't in bed. Such a good dad! I took over at 7:30AM when Marlon woke up. I don't even get up that early for work! We watched a movie and cartoons. A pretty low key morning. The visit went well considering she wasn't feeling the greatest. Dumb Allergies and Asthma!
This is Marlon chillin' with the Codster. Her Momma advised that she stay away from the cats since her allergies were acting up so she kept away until this morning when cody jumped up to see how she was feeling!

So here are pics of the past various weeks. They were in the camera and thought I would share. This is one of us all doing facials, although S isn't in the picture, his face was green like mine! M opted for the Grape peel and S and I did the Mint Julep mud mask.

Marlon and I made POHA last weekend. This was the first time Marlon ever made indian food with us. Of course she made her own version leaving out the hot peppers and the nuts. Here she is pouring in the poha(rice flakes) and below is the picture of the two pans Marlon's on the left and Sunil's on the right.

The three stooges watching a movie. We were watching Amazing Stories(Remember the old Speilsburg series from the late 80's?) and Marlon likes to share the couch with Sunil but Cody was feeling left out and joined them in the fun.

So that's about it. Marlon is now home with her Mom and Sunil and are lazying around. Is lazying a word? Anyway, have a great week,



vidyut said...

Thanks for sharing. Wish Marlon a speedy recovery...With love from all of us in Redwood City, CA

JoAnn Venhuizen said...

hey mandi. cute family ya got going on there! and i like that you think this world is lazy and you live in NYC...and i live in MN and thank the world never stops moving. crazy. love ya