Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Indian Labor Day

Sunil went to Detroit last Wednesday to do the Annual Detroit International Jazz Festival and I followed him out there on Friday to hang out with "The In-Laws" Who I absolutely LOVE!!!! You have to understand something about Indian Moms, and I think it's a pretty international thing, but no matter what time of day it is, or how late at night. When She knows you're coming there is always something waiting for you on the stove to eat!!!!!

I can't pronouce nor spell anything I had to eat this weekend but it was amazing! OH WAIT I lied, we had Shrimp Curry, I can say and spell that! :) So it was Sonali (sister in law) Nate (bro-in-law thanks to Sunil and I getting married they met at our reception and it was love) Vidyut Pachi(Pachi mean aunt, she's Ma's sister)Sunil's Ma (Sundari) is on the left.,
and Anita (Sunil and Sonali's cousin). It was a FULL HOUSE!
The whole weekend was spent around the kitchen,
then sitting, then eating, then talking,
then eating...I think you get the picture...

Sunday we went to a Labor Day BBQ in Novi, MI, a suburb of Detroit. Sunil's Cousin Pria and her husband Ryan (no that's not his name but I can't pronounce or spell it, PLUS he goes by Ryan) held the BBQ. Here are some pics of everyone there. I only know a few people's names.
This is Pria and her daughter Ashwariya(sorry if I spelled that wrong)

This is Ryan, Nate, Jairam and Sonali

This is Girija Athai(Athai means Aunt), Sunil Dad's Sister. She is Pria's and Prithi's Mom. Prithi and Nate are posing with Girija Athai here.

Here is Sunil's Dad taking some kids for a ride! It looks like he enjoys being a teacher! He's going to have to come to NYC to teach Marlon how to ride!!

Here we are, Anitha, myself, Sonali, and Nate waiting to leave and go to the Detroit Jazz Festival to watch Sunil work!

We finally made it to the festival, this is the stage Sunil mixed front of house for. Which means, for those who don't know, he was in the audience making sure the music sounded fabulous. He is great at this job and really thrives on live music. He was hurting because it seems his ankles are swelling up, another side effect from the steroid. Other than being COMPLETELY exhausted, he still had a good time.

He let us come up into his mixing station and gave us a little "tour and tutorial"

Father and Son Back Stage.

We all drove back to Okemos and celebrated Jairam's Birthday at midnight! It wasn't his birthday yet and the only reason it was midnight was because that's when we made it home from the festival. Here are some pics from the Midnight party.

This was a HUGE blog, so please forgive me if spelling and grammer wasn't the best. Although it should be nothing you aren't already used to! =D

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JoAnn Venhuizen said...

sounds like you had a good time in MI with family. so glad for you guys. seems like weekends come an go so fast. it's none stop here in MN> love you.