Saturday, August 25, 2007

Biker Chic!

Marlon got her first bike without training wheels! She did about four successful laps up and down the street. Of course, sunil and I were walking along side her. She's mastered the back brake, the push off and pedal, and is getting great at the front Brake. Tomorrow we're going to the pier by her house that has squishy turf so she can try to ride by herself. But she has her safety gear as you can see, so she'll be fine!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

4 week MRI looks great!!!

Sunil had his first MRI after all his surgeries and radiation and Dr Yamada said "The MRI looks Great!" There isn't any swelling and no sign of tumor! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!

We unfortunately spent all day at the doctors visiting three different buildings. 1130 MRI 1PM Yamada and 2:30PM Abrey plus waiting for scheduling meant we didn't get home until 5PM.

So now Sunil is just on the road to recovery. We are going to set up appts at Sloan Kettering's Integrated Medicine. They have Yoga, Pilates, and Acupuncture. Hopefully it will help.

We are off to Michigan in a week. Sunil is working at the Detroit Jazz Festival and I'm going to lounge and have Indian Food!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My Birthday BBQ

So I turned 25 again last Saturday, despite trying to keep it a secret, my big mouth told everyone. We had Marlon on Saturday and my old student Alissa was in town so she came up and hung out for a few hours.

Marlon and Alissa in Marlon's tent.

All the boys were on the roof-deck. Notice Cody "eyeing" the furry thing on Donald's lap. He wasn't really sure what Pinecone was.

All the girls were inside eating.
Donald and Pallie came over with their new baby Pinecone. This is Pinecone, the cutest little fuzzy furry thing ever! He was playing "Jungle" in my plant!

Marlon and Pinecone bonded. He is so sweet and hung out with her for a long time.

We had lots of grilled veggies, and Donald brought ice cream cake!

Pallie brought bubbly sparkling wine. It made for an awesome time, and I got the BEST PRESENT EVER. Well two BEST PRESENTS EVER. One was a Pokemon set from Marlon so all three of us can play Pokemon together.
The other was an amazing print that I fell in love with when the Nomadic Museum came to town two summers ago. Sunil remembered and had this made for me! I love him and the pic soooo much! Not sure who/what I love more at this point, and before you judge, you have to see the picture to understand. Check out the pics...

Donald, Pinecone, and Marlon pose under my new pic. Isn't it amazing! I love it so much.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Charleston!! It's Hot!

Sunil and I have been in Charleston since Thursday. We stayed two nights in Idle of Palms by the beach. Of course the day that we set aside for the beach was rainy! It didn't stop us from going in the water though! No pics of us in a bathing suit. NOPE NOPE! :)

We are now in downtown Charleston at the Courtyard Marriott, we have a room with a Ginormous Jacuzzi tub!! Good for soaking our weary bones from site seeing. We went on a carriage ride today to see the historic district here are some pics.

We went on a ghost and legends tour, tried to take a pic of the ghosts, didn't work so well.