Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sunil is done with Radiation!

Last Tuesday was Sunil's last radiation treatment. We celebrated by bringing the radiation techs some fresh Sweet Potato Pie from the Southern Style Bakery from our 'hood. This is Hilary and DeeDee with Sunil. They were really helpful and got Sunil through the 6 weeks with encouragement and optimism. Dr Yamata, Sunil's Radiation Oncologist, said to expect even more exhaustion for the next couple weeks after radiation. So far, he has been right. Sunil is EXHAUSTED. He sort of resembles a cross between a severely hung over person and the living dead. Poor thing.

All in all, we have been extremely blessed through this whole process. Money has been tight, but we always had something to eat. Our families have been very supportive, and my work has been truly understanding. We are going to get through this, but it couldn't have been done with out the help from Sunil's parents, thanks Ma and Appa! Without the Cahill's, you have been amazingly generous, and all the prayer warriors out there! Oh, and all the Pachis and Athais and Mams!! Shout out to all the Memorial Sloan Kettering employees reading this, Ya'll are amazing!!!

Hopefully you will never have to see the radiation process, but I thought I would include some pictures in case you are curious to how it works. It's basically a big x-ray machine.

The techs use lasers to line him up correctly, then attach the mask that was formed specifically to his face so he can't move his head at all during the treatment.

Once the mask is on, and the machine is lined up, a HUGE door shuts and you sit outside with computer screens and a monitor of the patient. It only takes about 5 minutes for the whole process and it's done.

Gonna make my lunch for tomorrow and go to bed. Have a great week everyone!


JoAnn Venhuizen said...

i am so proud of you guys and how you have handle this process. you make me wanna work on my emotional stability. sunil...i will continue to pray for you body to heal quick and for energy to return. looking good dude.
love you guys- out

Anonymous said...

That's awesome that Sunil's done with radition. I hope he feels better soon! Thanks for keeping everyone updated with this blog.