Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Resting with Cody

I was hard at work today, well, I was at work today, when I received a picturemail from Sunil. I opened it, and to my surprise I saw Cody sprawled out on Sunil's stomach and loving every minute of it! These boys have been bonding since Sunil began his radiation treatment. Sunil gives Cody the "Man Love" that I can't give him, not really sure what he does different, but Cody seems to be loving every minute of it.

Sunil has 4 more treatments left and will be done in a week!!!!! SOOO exciting. The Decodron (steroid to keep his brain from swelling) is taking a toll on his body. Every side effect that they list for Decadron, Sunil has. Water retention, weight gain, aching muscles and joints, chest/back acne(looks like chicken pox), emotional, hungry all the time. There is more, I just can't think of them. The frustrating part is that it isn't even because of the radiation, it's the stupid drugs they make him take. But soon it will be over and he can slowly get off Decadron, which will be great! He's been holding up wonderfully, considering all that he is going through.

I've been extremely busy with Improv rehearsals and performances. I'm in a new troupe that had it's first performance last night. It was fun! We performed at a hostel on Central Park West and 106th street. We gave a free performance to the travelers, it started out with about 4 people and ended up with about 30 watching! Not bad for out first gig!

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