Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Company Picnic

So Monday was Centre's annual company picnic which has been hosted for the past few years at Victorian Gardens (the ice rink in Central Park that turns into an amusement park during the summer). It just so happens that the only day this week that rained was Monday. We still had the picnic and the rides were still open, and despite the flood we had a great time! The rink has no drainage so the whole thing was filled with water. All the rides suddenly became water rides. Here we are trying to figure out which ride to go on next. Do you like the garbage bag poncho?

Sunil even joined in the fun for a while.

This is us getting ready on the swings.

We will have more pics soon as Nancy, a wonderful woman I work with, took lots of pics "For the Blog" she kept sayin. Thanks Nancy!!! You are the best goomba I know! ;)

It was a wet day, it never stopped raining! Of course the day before and the day after where beautiful with low humidity and not a cloud in the sky. It's funny how that works.

Besides the "water" rides, we also had catering and a face painter/balloon maker. Marlon was able to get her face painted twice because the first one washed off when we went on some rides. She got flowers the first time and a fire breathing dragon the second time!

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