Monday, June 11, 2007


I seem to be a week behind in my blogging. Last Sunday Sunil and I went out to brunch with our favorite NY couple friends Francie and Brent. We went Cafe Con Leche on the upper west side. Of course we had tons of Cafe Con leche and a huge plate of spanish cooking, yummy! Here is a pic of all of us at the table. I know I could have had the server take it, but this was much more fun...

This past weekend was a good one, Sunil continued to lose his hair so we decided to cut it! We shaved it down to the nubs, and we are going to go full out bald tonight. I'm actually excited, I think he'll look good with a bald head. His scar is almost gone, the docs did a great job at stitching him up this time. He has been craving seafood so yesterday we went to eat in Edgewater, NJ on a pier overlooking Manhattan. We had to feed him some "Brain Food!" Things are going well, his radiation machine broke down today, so he got a day off of radiation. Last Thursday Marlon wanted to check out his therapy so her and her mom watched Sunil get his treatment. She is a very brave and inquisitive girl! Amanda said Marlon did really well at watching and listening. She is so amazing and has really been supportive through all of this. He Poppi is sick and she is trying to help to make him better, she even counts out his pills for the weekend and helps him sort them out. A little caregiver in training. I hate that she even has to go through this, but she is being truly amazing and brave for a 7 year old.

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