Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Our Indian Family!

Sonali just sent me some pictures from when Sunil's parents were in town, and when Sonali and Nate were in town. I thought I would share them with ya'll even though they are about a month old. On a side note, Sunil's hair started coming out by the fistful! I freaked out! I intially started laughing at him because he reacted to the clump of hair like it was a bug. It was hilarious, but then I started crying and I don't know why. I think it's because it makes it real. So I was laughing and crying and Sunil was screamin' like a girl. (Sigh) the romantic life we lead....

Anyway, here are the pics. This is Marlon reading to her Poppimom and Tha Tha at dinner.

Self portrait

I'm not sure what we are doing here, but it seems like we are having a good time.

Marlon rocking the monkeybars for her aunt and uncle. Remember when you were little and the monkey bars were fun and easy? All the "grown ups" (Sunil, Sonali, Nate, and Myself) tried to do the monkey bars with Marlon only to realize somewhere in our adulthood some fairy came and stole our ability to lift and support our own weight! Sucky...

This is a picture that Marlon took of us "grown ups"

That's it for now. Hope you enjoy. Much Love...Muh!

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