Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Busy Week!

Sorry for not blogging, it's been a crazy weekend into a crazy week. We had a BBQ on Friday with a few friends. It was sort of an impromptu "roof deck chill-out" it was festive and chill at the same time. We didn't have Marlon on Friday like normal, we picked her up on Saturday instead. It was our friends Paul and Donald's Spy Birthday Party on Saturday. We all got on our "Spy" Costumes and took the water taxi around the bottom half of Manhattan solving the "mystery" of the lost Cuban Sugar-Cane Ambassador :) Marlon had a ton of fun with all the grown-ups playing spys all day.

I have an improv show coming up tomorrow! I haven't performed in a while so I'm very excited to have that opportunity. Improv seems to be my release these days, it's very therapeutic and I can't explain why. I think because laughter is good for you and I end up laughing at all the amazing people I improv with. If you are in the New York area and want to check out the show it's Thursday the 28th(Tomorrow) at the Producers Club at 8:00PM $10 a tix. Should be great fun.

Sunil is very tired. The radiation is wiping him out. That and we are both really stressed with treatment and finances. He was approved for Social Security Disability but they said they won't pay him until November! I don't really understand how that works, ahhh the government hard at work.
We have $1.14 in the bank now! EECK! But I have Faith that God will provide for us, he always has, I'm not giving up now.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. Ya'll are the most fabulous people ever!
I'll put some pics of our spy weekend up soon, just need a chance to sit at the computer and download them, ya'll know how that goes.

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