Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Busy Week!

Sorry for not blogging, it's been a crazy weekend into a crazy week. We had a BBQ on Friday with a few friends. It was sort of an impromptu "roof deck chill-out" it was festive and chill at the same time. We didn't have Marlon on Friday like normal, we picked her up on Saturday instead. It was our friends Paul and Donald's Spy Birthday Party on Saturday. We all got on our "Spy" Costumes and took the water taxi around the bottom half of Manhattan solving the "mystery" of the lost Cuban Sugar-Cane Ambassador :) Marlon had a ton of fun with all the grown-ups playing spys all day.

I have an improv show coming up tomorrow! I haven't performed in a while so I'm very excited to have that opportunity. Improv seems to be my release these days, it's very therapeutic and I can't explain why. I think because laughter is good for you and I end up laughing at all the amazing people I improv with. If you are in the New York area and want to check out the show it's Thursday the 28th(Tomorrow) at the Producers Club at 8:00PM $10 a tix. Should be great fun.

Sunil is very tired. The radiation is wiping him out. That and we are both really stressed with treatment and finances. He was approved for Social Security Disability but they said they won't pay him until November! I don't really understand how that works, ahhh the government hard at work.
We have $1.14 in the bank now! EECK! But I have Faith that God will provide for us, he always has, I'm not giving up now.

Thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. Ya'll are the most fabulous people ever!
I'll put some pics of our spy weekend up soon, just need a chance to sit at the computer and download them, ya'll know how that goes.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all reading this. Dad's are a great thing. I think sometimes we forget what giving selfless beings Dad's are. Thank you Father's for all that you do!

Like Father like Daughter I found out this weekend. Marlon and Sunil have a lot of the same qualities such as, eyes lashes, stubbornness, and pigeon toes. But what blew me away this weekend was when I got up at 1:30AM to check on Marlon, she was sleeping the same exact way Sunil was. In my groggy sleepiness I was so impressed of course I took pictures to show them. Here they are, even their elbows match, unbelievable.

Here is Marlon putting on special lotion for Sunil's radiation exposed melon.

Here are the two beauties out on the deck

Friday, June 15, 2007

My Brown "Mr Clean"

Well, Sunil is at the end of his fourth week of radiation. He's tired a lot, which is "normal" according to his nurses and doctors in the radiation department. Last week I wrote about his hair falling out, so today I thought I would recreate the process using pictures.
As traumatic as the event was, I was still able to grab my camera to share this with the world. :) The weird part about losing his hair was that it was GREEN, It was funny, sad, and tragic all at the same time.

He kept the green mohawk for as long as he could, trimming it down until there was nothing to save, so this week we shaved it! I think he looks like a cross between a pirate and Mr Clean. :) Sunil is complaining of a cold head now, he says it feels wet as he's not used to having air touch his scalp. I think he looks great, and the scar is awesome. The surgeons did a really great job at stitchin' him up this time.

So here is my amazing, handsome, pirate/mr clean
Of course he's making a goofy face for ya'll. But dig the bald head!

Monday, June 11, 2007


I seem to be a week behind in my blogging. Last Sunday Sunil and I went out to brunch with our favorite NY couple friends Francie and Brent. We went Cafe Con Leche on the upper west side. Of course we had tons of Cafe Con leche and a huge plate of spanish cooking, yummy! Here is a pic of all of us at the table. I know I could have had the server take it, but this was much more fun...

This past weekend was a good one, Sunil continued to lose his hair so we decided to cut it! We shaved it down to the nubs, and we are going to go full out bald tonight. I'm actually excited, I think he'll look good with a bald head. His scar is almost gone, the docs did a great job at stitching him up this time. He has been craving seafood so yesterday we went to eat in Edgewater, NJ on a pier overlooking Manhattan. We had to feed him some "Brain Food!" Things are going well, his radiation machine broke down today, so he got a day off of radiation. Last Thursday Marlon wanted to check out his therapy so her and her mom watched Sunil get his treatment. She is a very brave and inquisitive girl! Amanda said Marlon did really well at watching and listening. She is so amazing and has really been supportive through all of this. He Poppi is sick and she is trying to help to make him better, she even counts out his pills for the weekend and helps him sort them out. A little caregiver in training. I hate that she even has to go through this, but she is being truly amazing and brave for a 7 year old.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Our Indian Family!

Sonali just sent me some pictures from when Sunil's parents were in town, and when Sonali and Nate were in town. I thought I would share them with ya'll even though they are about a month old. On a side note, Sunil's hair started coming out by the fistful! I freaked out! I intially started laughing at him because he reacted to the clump of hair like it was a bug. It was hilarious, but then I started crying and I don't know why. I think it's because it makes it real. So I was laughing and crying and Sunil was screamin' like a girl. (Sigh) the romantic life we lead....

Anyway, here are the pics. This is Marlon reading to her Poppimom and Tha Tha at dinner.

Self portrait

I'm not sure what we are doing here, but it seems like we are having a good time.

Marlon rocking the monkeybars for her aunt and uncle. Remember when you were little and the monkey bars were fun and easy? All the "grown ups" (Sunil, Sonali, Nate, and Myself) tried to do the monkey bars with Marlon only to realize somewhere in our adulthood some fairy came and stole our ability to lift and support our own weight! Sucky...

This is a picture that Marlon took of us "grown ups"

That's it for now. Hope you enjoy. Much Love...Muh!


I just have to share this little phenomenon that happens in Minnesota and probably other states with wooded areas in the spring. The birth and hunt of millions of little blood sucking insects called ticks! I'm not even in Minnesota but I had a nightmare about going back to visit and being attacked by these little things. In my dream there were ticks crawling everywhere. In real life I have a unhealthy fear of these bastards, so in the dream my friend Joann was taking them off of me. She suddenly stopped and said I needed to fight my fear and take them off myself. I freaked out and started running around shouting "get them off me get them off me!" it makes me laugh now that I'm writing this, but I woke up with the creepy crawlies! I blame my friend Joann's blog:) She went camping and proceeded to save all the ticks her and her friends picked off of themselves throughout the weekend. Yes, she even took a picture of the ticks in a zip lock baggie. I've made the title of this blog a link to see hers if you want to check it out. If anyone does dream analysis please do tell me what this dream means! :) Thanks for reading and I will leave you with a picture of the ticks in a bag...