Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Sunil is starting Radiation on Monday the 21st. Here is a little more info about what he is about to endure. He'll be going 5 days a week for 6 weeks. The actual treatment will on be about 10 minutes, the travel time and check in time will be the long part of the day. The doctors say some people stay working for the whole process. We are hoping that Social Security Disability will approve Sunil so he doesn't have to push himself. Social Security can take up to 180 days to be approved. Please pray that the process is somehow streamlined for Sunil. It will help us not to be soooo stressed out about financial means.

Thank you all for your support through all of this. We couldn't do this without all your well wishes and prayers.

What is stereotactic radiosurgery?

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) delivers a single, high dose of radiation in a one-day session. Several types of machines are used to administer radiosurgery: Gamma Knife, Linac, X-Knife, CyberKnife, and cyclotron. In an SRS procedure, a head frame is attached to the skull to hold the head in position (newer methods of SRS may use a mask instead of a head frame). Then CT or MRI scans are taken. With the aid of computer imaging, the location of the tumor is accurately calculated. The radiation is delivered directly to the tumor, often from several different directions. Size and location of the tumor are important eligibility criteria for SRS.

For more information about types of stereotactic radiosurgery, visit the International Radiosurgery Support Association's website for more information on radiosurgery techniques.

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