Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend!

Sunil was in need of a hair cut so Marlon went to work. She was very determined to give poppi the best mohawk a person could have.

After we gave Sunil a hair cut, we headed down to pick up Anita, Sunil's Cousin. We went to the park to fly a kite! It was HOT outside! We found refuge in the wind on the pier to not only cool us off, but to make the kite fly high!!

After a few hours of kite flying and some fishing. Yup, Marlon and Anita tried to fish. The parks department offered free fishing on the pier, they even bate the hook for you. Unfortunately we didn't catch anything. Amanda (Marlon's Mom) met us at the pier and we all went to "Tortilla Flat" for Lunch. We really enjoyed hangin' with our coz Anita and Marlon's mom. There is nothing like conversation over some chimichanga's to make a day complete.

Thank you Anita for the lovely gift of chocolate!

More pictures to come...promise...

Here they are...This is Anita and Marlon Fishing, and Sunil and Marlon flying a kite...Good times!

Do you see the kite waaaay up there?

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