Saturday, May 19, 2007

Marlon made a Pillow!

Marlon spent the night last night. We went to see Shrek the Third it was a cute movie, lots of silly jokes that Sunil and I laughed at more than Marlon did.

This morning Marlon got her first lesson in sewing with a machine. She is a natural of course. Shown here is her and I making a pillow for her apartment. They've had to get new furniture so we are hoping this pillow will accent the new couch nicely..

Here is the pillow, pre-stuffing...

This is the finished product with stuffing!

I'm going to Minnesota for a few days for a baptism. Luckily it's nice there! It will be nice to see family and friends. I'll take some pics. Sunil will be home alone for two days which he is probably looking forward to immensely!