Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Side Effects

Sunil has had 7 treatments of radiation so far. Everything seems to be going as planned. Unfortunately, Sunil is having a side effect that isn't seen to often. In fact, the doctors are quite stumped at his body's reaction to the therapy. It seems the radiation has started reacting with his hair follicles to cause a strange coloring. They warned us to expect dry scalp and possibly a "sunburn" like reaction. The doctors can't put a name on what is happening to Sunil's hair but we like to call it "Electric Lizardism"

HA HA! Just Kidding! Gotcha!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend!

Sunil was in need of a hair cut so Marlon went to work. She was very determined to give poppi the best mohawk a person could have.

After we gave Sunil a hair cut, we headed down to pick up Anita, Sunil's Cousin. We went to the park to fly a kite! It was HOT outside! We found refuge in the wind on the pier to not only cool us off, but to make the kite fly high!!

After a few hours of kite flying and some fishing. Yup, Marlon and Anita tried to fish. The parks department offered free fishing on the pier, they even bate the hook for you. Unfortunately we didn't catch anything. Amanda (Marlon's Mom) met us at the pier and we all went to "Tortilla Flat" for Lunch. We really enjoyed hangin' with our coz Anita and Marlon's mom. There is nothing like conversation over some chimichanga's to make a day complete.

Thank you Anita for the lovely gift of chocolate!

More pictures to come...promise...

Here they are...This is Anita and Marlon Fishing, and Sunil and Marlon flying a kite...Good times!

Do you see the kite waaaay up there?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The stress is finally hitting us!

I have received a ton of comments stating how positive of attitude I have. For the most part it's true, I always look at the cup as being half full. I guess what I didn't realize until this morning when I had an emotional breakdown over pants, yes pants, that Sunil and I are under a little bit of stress. Who Knew!? :)

It's tough to be a caregiver and it's even more tough to be the one that needs a caregiver. Sunil and I are so stressed we seem to be blowing up like a balloon. Suddenly pants don't fit, and cookies and ice cream seem to be the only way to calm ourselves down. MMMMMMMM cookies and ice cream! Anyway, I'm just letting you all know that we are freaking out a little bit over finances as Sunil is just starting treatment and the small one income we have isn't stretching as far as we like. Also, Sunil is stressed and anxious about how radiation is going to effect him. He is on Antibiotics now because the decodron(steroid to reduce brain swelling) can cause autoimmune deficiencies. I guess I'll be the one scooping the poop from the litter box these days ;) Anyway, please pray that we get through triumphantly. We are emotionally, physically, and financially drained.

We love you all and thank you for your continued prayers. We hope to sit out on our roof-deck and decompress this weekend, maybe even have a BBQ!

Lots of love
Mandi and Sunil

P.S. The picture has nothing to do with the blog, it just makes me smile...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Minnesota BBQ

My Goddaughter, Madison, was baptized this Sunday with her baby sister Sofia. I flew home on Saturday afternoon and my mom and Doug had a BBQ! It was a great day the sun was shining and the potato salad was unlimited! Thanks Mom for the salad and Thanks Doug for the great burgers and dogs! In this pic you can see Sonali and Nate, and my Grandpa!

It seems I'm at the age where all of my friends are having babies! Here is my friend Joann with Clara. Joann is one of my closest friends and Clara's Mom, Allison, and I grew up together.

My Dad and Step-mom Becky decided to pop in and say hello. Only they showed up on my Dad's bike in full gear! They look pretty tough right!

The baptism was fun, I don't have any pics yet, but when I do, I'll post them. It was in Alexandria, MN, which is in beautiful country Northwest of the twin cities. The church was a tiny little thing that still had the church ladies quilt for people. Very sweet little church...more on that later.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Marlon made a Pillow!

Marlon spent the night last night. We went to see Shrek the Third it was a cute movie, lots of silly jokes that Sunil and I laughed at more than Marlon did.

This morning Marlon got her first lesson in sewing with a machine. She is a natural of course. Shown here is her and I making a pillow for her apartment. They've had to get new furniture so we are hoping this pillow will accent the new couch nicely..

Here is the pillow, pre-stuffing...

This is the finished product with stuffing!

I'm going to Minnesota for a few days for a baptism. Luckily it's nice there! It will be nice to see family and friends. I'll take some pics. Sunil will be home alone for two days which he is probably looking forward to immensely!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Radiation Correction

Sunil just pointed out that I put the wrong radiation information on the blog. OOPS...He will be starting Franctionated Radiation Therapy.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Sunil is starting Radiation on Monday the 21st. Here is a little more info about what he is about to endure. He'll be going 5 days a week for 6 weeks. The actual treatment will on be about 10 minutes, the travel time and check in time will be the long part of the day. The doctors say some people stay working for the whole process. We are hoping that Social Security Disability will approve Sunil so he doesn't have to push himself. Social Security can take up to 180 days to be approved. Please pray that the process is somehow streamlined for Sunil. It will help us not to be soooo stressed out about financial means.

Thank you all for your support through all of this. We couldn't do this without all your well wishes and prayers.

What is stereotactic radiosurgery?

Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) delivers a single, high dose of radiation in a one-day session. Several types of machines are used to administer radiosurgery: Gamma Knife, Linac, X-Knife, CyberKnife, and cyclotron. In an SRS procedure, a head frame is attached to the skull to hold the head in position (newer methods of SRS may use a mask instead of a head frame). Then CT or MRI scans are taken. With the aid of computer imaging, the location of the tumor is accurately calculated. The radiation is delivered directly to the tumor, often from several different directions. Size and location of the tumor are important eligibility criteria for SRS.

For more information about types of stereotactic radiosurgery, visit the International Radiosurgery Support Association's website for more information on radiosurgery techniques.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Zoo continued...

Marlon took a ton of pictures of the animals. She knew I love elephants and took these amazing pictures. The driver of the monorail told us that they can't stop and look at the elephants because they get crabby at being stared at and start throwing things at the train! I love those smart animals!

After a 45 minute wait to take the monorail, we had to get a snack. Here is a pic of Sonali and Marlon grubbin' on some fries. Like Auntie like Niece!

We made our way around "Africa" here are pics of the giraffe's and Gorilla's. Marlon is a great photographer...Check these out.

We ended the day with a carousel ride on the "bug" carousel.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sonali and Nate Came to Town

Sorry it has been awhile since my last blog. Life has been crazy. Sunil is doing well. We are both going through a little anxiety now since he starts radiation in two weeks. He has a team of doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering that are taking amazing care of him. We are confident about the end results.

Anyway, Sonali and Nate were here for the weekend. We went to the Bronx Zoo with Marlon. It was a perfect day outside with the perfect temperature to run around the zoo and see a ton of stuff. Marlon's favorite "ride" at the Zoo was getting on Nate's shoulders which put her up about 8.5 feet tall!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sunil's Birthday Dinner

We went to Artisanal, a French restaurant with tons of stinky cheese! This is Sunil's birthday dessert, Artisanal Cheesecake, with his name on the plate. We started off with a bottle of Pinot Noir and fondue made from Artisanal cheese. Nummy! Thank you to all the folks that came out, there was 9 of us total, which was a great. Sunil did very well through dinner, his head started aching towards the end, I think it was mostly because of me screaming over the table to talk to everyone, sorry baby ;).

Tuesday, May 01, 2007