Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sunil's eatin soup!

Sunil is once again stuck with a crazy room mate only this time its is roommate ';Uncle Frankie's'; crazy family that is loud and obnoxious and italian brooklyn. We've only had to tell them to be quiet once so far. Sunil's eatin soup, watchin dave chappele.


anita said...

that's great! thanks for keeping us all updated, mandi. i'm glad sunil's back to being crabby and eating soup.:)

we'll keep praying.

vidyut said...

Mandi, once again, "Thank You" for giving us regular updates. Want you to know that our prayers and thoughts are with all of you...XOXO

Nancy said...

Your Blog is wonderful. You are truly amazing. I am so happy that Sunil will be home soon. "OH, by the way".........."a loud mouth Italian from Brooklyn"......Watch it LADY! Prayers & much Love from a "FBI" (Full Blooded Italian)!!!!!