Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sonali the most amazing sister ever!

Sunil and I couldn't have gotten through "Operation Delta" without the support of his family. His Mom and Dad came out and stayed 5 days and his sister came out and stayed 9. Sonali is in Med school and a newlywed in Minnesota. Her hubby, Nathan Meyer, was nice enough to lend her to us for the week. Although I heard that he reverted back to his bachelor days of eating a whole pack of Nathan's Hot Dogs for dinner. I was afraid when she offered to stay that there would be nothing for her to do, how wrong I was! She cooked and cleaned and took care of Sunil when I went back to work. She was truly a God send. I was begging her to stay longer! :)
With that in mind I also want to thank Sunil's Parents for having Sonali order fresh direct "ready made" catered food for us. Since Sonali left we've been enjoying leftover mashed potatoes, thai chicken and brown rice, matzo ball soup, and many other delicious "fud" (that is food said with an Indian Accent:)

This is Sonali and Marlon.

Sunil had to have a spinal MRI today because he has a toe on his right foot that feels REALLY cold. The docs are too concerned but since he had a reaction to the chemicals from the surgery that made the muscles in his spine swell up, they wanted to make sure everything looked good.

That's about it, Sunil and I see the surgeon tomorrow at noon, so we will report back after that.



chandra said...


the next button brings me here. i come with prayers , good wishes and love.


Anonymous said...

Who knew I was so great? :-) See you soon! ~S