Thursday, April 12, 2007

Money Tree

I though I would share with you the amazing money tree story. Last year for my 30Th Birthday my best childhood friend Jamie sent me a money tree. I was very happy as that would definitely mean that Sunil and I would have good fortune this year as the legend goes...:)

"The road to prosperity is paved with hard work and determination and a money tree, according to Feng Shui masters, who believe in the plant's power to deliver wealth and good fortune. Legend has it that the discovery of this resilient plant turned a poor Taiwanese farmer into a wealthy entrepreneur. Ever since, this plant with the cheerful umbrellas of leaves has been known in Asian cultures as the "money tree."

Well, the poor Taiwanese farmer must not have had Cody and Anna as pets. Because if he did, then his "Money Tree" would look like this!

Marlon and Sunil watered our poor little money tree before we brought Marlon home on Saturday. What we neglected to do is put the little tree back up on the top shelf so the cats wouldn't eat it...It seems our cats absolutely enjoy eating anything green. And this little money tree had no defenses.

The irony and humor of this little event makes both Sunil and I shrug and say his favorite phrase when things go wrong..."Typical"

With that, I would like to leave you with a picture of my co-workers' tree. This tree must be great fortune for Walter because it is beautiful!

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