Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Time

I'm trying to reflect on all the amazing things that God has done in my life. Easter is the time to remember that Jesus came to this earth and died so that we can have ever lasting life. It's also the time for Easter candy and Easter Bunnies and Easter Eggs! Very tasty! I've chosen to take this holiday season and reflect on all the things I'm thankful for. God has been very good to me. I have a great husband, an amazing family, and a nice apartment. So here is a small bit of my thankful list...

Thank you Jesus for my Husband

Thank you Jesus for my Step-Daughter

This is how Marlon was watching a movie last night. Didn't look to comfy to me but she assured me that it was a great way to watch a movie on our couch. Not sure I'd fit like that, but maybe I'll try it.

Thank you Jesus for my Cody "Fats" Malone.

Thank you Jesus for my Mom and Sis and Doug(Step-Dad)
They sent us Easter buckets for Easter complete with chocolate eggs and a chocolate Bunny! YES!!!

Thank you for my friends!

Francie's Birthday

OK, these aren't my friends, but the Ninja Turtles are cool.

Francie and I

Of Course there are many more people I can't find pics for, but just know if you are my friend, I'm thankful for you!!!!

Thank you God for our apartment

This is Sunil and I on our roofdeck. It was nice out a few weekends ago so we had tea and snacks outside!!

Thank you Jesus for my Indian Family!
There are lots more, but I can't find pics. I'll post them when I get some!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't see any thanking of Jesus for the best Brother -in Law ever! You remember, the one who helps make you look not nearly as white and dorky. Yeah, that's me!