Saturday, April 28, 2007

The cats that have invaded our life

I know many of you might not be a cat person, and for 27 years of my life I agreed with you. Sunil brought a cat into the relationship that was pretty stinkin' cool, his name was Ellington. He was a large 17 pound tabby that loved to do happy feet into long hair. He got sick when he was 8 years old, right after we moved to NYC again. It left a void in my life enough to where I needed to adopt another cat. Only this time I adopted a brother and sister duo named Cody and Anna. Anna is so smart she is skittish and alway suspicious, I liken her to "Stewie from the Family Guy" Cody "Fats" Malone is her brother who is the complete polar opposite of Anna.

I just wanted to share some dumb pics of them. This is Anna in the fruit basket. Which is king of ironic since we do call her "Anna Banana."

This is Anna in the cabinet. She pretty much puts herself in any small cubby-like space she can find.

This is Cody gettin' all up in my business. I have the heating pad on my neck, I think he's trying to get in on the action.

So this blog is just a bunch of silly fluff, but I thought I would show off the lighter side of our life since the surgery is OVER! :)

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