Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Sunil took me to see the elephants walk from the midtown tunnel cross town to Madison Square Garden. Nicki, Joann, and my sis witnessed this event two years ago when they came to visit me. They didn't have as much fun as me. I love elephants! When the circus comes to town once a year they have the annual elephant walk. It's an amazing sight to see wild animals walking through Midtown. It's actually hard to find out when the walk is every year as they don't advertise it. Sunil found the info yesterday, just in time to see them walk!

We went to the movie 300 before the elephants. AWESOME FLICK! Ladies, it's all about hot men with a ton of testosterone beatin' the poop out of the bad guys. Good times. Sunil and I then walked down to 34Th and 6Th to secure our spot. Of course, because it's just our luck, we were stuck next to the cruelty to animals protesters. I wasn't about to have them steal my joy of peepin' on the elephants. But I gotta tell ya, there was one guy that kept pacing back and forth waiting for the elephants, he was driving me batty. After seeing the movie 300 I was about to go Spartan on him, but by the grace of God the elephants came, my happy mood came back, we saw the elephants and went home. Did I mention I love elephants.

So I'm not very good at taking pictures while I'm screaming at the elephants as if they were the Beatles(yes some tears were shed) so all I have is a pic of the pretty girls bum. But it's a cute bum!!!!

These aren't from the elephant walk, but they were so stinkin' cute I had to show them off.

Love ya

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