Monday, February 12, 2007

Florida Cont...

It was a little crazy in Key Largo, but before I go into that, lets start with how the vacation started.

Sunil and I drove across the state from Naples to Key Largo, there was a ton of everglades to look at. When we got to the Largo Lodge we were greeted by "Hat"(Short for Harriet) the owner of the wonderful cottages. It was like stepping back in time 40 years! The cottages haven't been touched since their creation. Here are pics of the place...

This is the view from the Largo Lodge's Dock

Sunil and I decided that we aren't very good at vacationing. We don't really know what to do. We drove around aimlessly, which was kind of nice. And we desperately tried to find the ocean. Yes, we were on an island, but the lodge was on the bay side, and it seems that the ocean side was completely hiding from us no matter how hard we tried to find it.

It started out like any other vacation. We ate a ton of seafood, slept in, and decided to do some sight seeing. Here we are in the state park that is full of Mangrove Trees.

Mangroves are salty

We decided to go on a glass bottom boat tour as that would surely bring us to the ocean. And so it did. It was chilly as far as weather goes down there, only 70 degrees, which wasn't really bathing suit weather. Kinda bummed about that. Here we are waiting for the glass bottom boat, stealing kisses and pics at the same time. The boat was fun, I have to say thank you to Sunil for remembering that I get motion sick, I took a dramamine just in time or else the boat would not have been fun for me.

So the trip was fine until Thursday morning when we were suppose to check out and leave Florida. I had to take Sunil to the ER because he had two seizures that night and I didn't want him to Seize on the plane. I could just imagine the flight crew freaking out and diverting us to some random airport because there was a brown person making weird bodily movements on the plane. Instead of taking that risk, we went to check out another sight, The Mariners Hospital on Key Largo. In case you ever go there, it is a great hospital. They admitted Sunil for obervation and he was airlifted to Miami. The helicopter ride was the most exciting thing that happened on our vacation. Sunil was fine, but they just wanted to make sure. So we spent another night in sunny southern Florida! I have to say that it was a much more pleasant environment than the hospitals in NYC. I was able to go hang outside and it was warm! Anyway, our vacation ended with a discharge from Miami's Baptist Hospital only to narrowly make the flight back to NYC.

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