Sunday, January 07, 2007

YeeeeHaaaaa! Rodeo!

I went to the Rodeo and watched some very manly men get thrown around by very large dangerous looking bulls. It was awesome! I don't have many reasons to wear my cowboy hat in the city so I was very excited. I couldn't believe how stressed I was for the cowboys to stay on the bull for 8 seconds.

We saw one cowboy get poked in the butt by his bull, that was scary. It was amazing how the crowd suddenly grew quiet to see if the guy was going to get up or not. Very tense. But all is well as he got up and walked out of the ring all by himself. A 19 year old boy ended up winning the event. He was a baby!!!

My friend Courtney(cowboy hat) is from Texas so she was an old pro at watching the rodeo. Meanwhile, Angela, Kathleen(not pictured) and myself are all "city slickers" who freaked out at everything biting all our nails off. We wanted to see the bulls way more than the cowboys. Our favorite is when the bulls freaked out and went after the guys in the ring.

The friends I went with ended up going to "Rodeo Bar" to snag themselves a cowboy at the afterparty. Me being the dedicated wife that I am went home and behaved myself!

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