Sunday, December 31, 2006

Minnesota Christmas

I went to Minnesota for Christmas this year all by myself. Sunil stayed home to keep the cats company. It was a great week, but it went way too fast! I got sick on Christmas Eve eve(Dec 23) That Sucked! The good thing about that, is I had my Mom to take care of me! Thanks Mom!

I spent Christmas Day with my Mother's Family "The Magnuson's" It was great to see everyone I only get to see once a year, like Cailan and Brittany(cousins pictured) We are all over 18 and still have to sit at the "Kids Table" which I didn't mind so much now but when I was 20 and they were 10, that sucked, sorry guys:). Now I'm 30 and they are 20, we can have an almost adult conversation, if I wouldn't keep dragging it down! =D

The crazy lady in the helmet is my Grandma Magnuson! I love her! She is crazy! She is the coolest Grandma ever and a little spontaneous but that is exactly why we absolutely love her!

These are my girls! Nicki, Joann, Allison, Clara, and me! Allison has been my friend since we were 14, and now she is married with the cutest little girl ever! Clara was sporting her "I Heart NY" shirt. We never get to see eachother, expecially all at once, so it was fun to catch up on life with the girls! It's interesting to see how our lives are all on such different paths. Two single, two married, and one with a baby. We all live in different cities. I'm thankful that despite all our differences, we can still get together and pick up where we left off. I love you ladies!

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