Thursday, November 02, 2006

This is my blog...wooohhoooooo!

I tried to find a way to send all the people I love updated pics of life in NYC. It turned out to be not very convenient, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and produce myself a blog(said with a southern twang).

I'll start by offering to the world a painting by Julie Harvey as I think it sums me up. I think I shall call this painting"Hey world I have a big ol' booty." Although I cannot technically rename this painting as I'm not the artist. Her website is I'm proud of this painting because I've never had anyone paint me before. And she did a great job too! Sitting for this session was a work out on the legs but totally worth it!


Squeakypig said...

DAMN! You are a hot go-go dancer! Wondering if you have any plans later this week?

Mandi said...

Yes, I have plans to hang out with my husband. You should meet him. He's a great guy. He is funny, hot, and gives an amazing back rub.