Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Music Video

Last spring I worked with a director that was shooting a music video for an up and coming band. It was a day shoot full of dancers kickin' eachothers butt! It seriously made me want to take a stage combat class and go into stunt work! I had a blast. You can click on the title of this blog "Music Video" to check it out!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mandi! Your blogspot is really cool - makes life in the midwest seem like a snooze!
My trip to Mexico fell thru...long story, and not a happy ending. I was thinking since my ticket was non-refundable, maybe I could come visit you over spring break? It's March 12th-16th.
I don't know what your email is, but mine's blsock@iastate.edu.
Hope you made it back to Sunil safely!
Take care!
Your cuz