Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Music Video

Last spring I worked with a director that was shooting a music video for an up and coming band. It was a day shoot full of dancers kickin' eachothers butt! It seriously made me want to take a stage combat class and go into stunt work! I had a blast. You can click on the title of this blog "Music Video" to check it out!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Orphan Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving the last few years, those who don't travel to see family come together for a feast! It started off with just Sunil, Sonali, Nate, Angela, and myself in 2004. (Seen pictured eating cranberry from a can) We couldn't celebrate Thanksgiving with out the cranberry sauce that still had the ridges and shape from the can in which it came...

In 2005 we refined our feast a bit, saying good-bye to the canned cranberries and saying hello to our new extended family, Donald and Paul, and all their friends. Seen here pictured around the table in 2005. This was a day filled with wine, games, and Ghosts Busters I and II!

This year it was at an apartment on the Upper East Side, that was loaned to us by Maria. She wasn't there but her dog "Spirit" was!
This feast was packed full of amazing food, and a ton of wine, not to mention a plethora of different board games, which included, but not limited to, Mad Gab, Cranium, and Monopoly! Needless to say, we were at Thanksgiving for 13 hours!!! And worth every minute!

I am very Thankful that I've been blessed with such a great group of NYC people! Can't wait for next year...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Artist that did my GoGo painting is going to be featured on 30 Rock!

Julie Harvey was hired to paint a portrait of Rip Torn for the NBC show "30 Rock" The episode airs in December so you'll have to tune in. I haven't had cable since Sunil and I moved from our old apartment, I actually don't miss it much except when things like this happen. It's fun to know that the person that used me for one of her paintings is going to paint Rip Torn. Rip Torn is hilarious. If you don't know who Rip Torn is, google him. If you want to check out Julie's website www.julieharvey.com. Sometimes I have to live vicariously through other people's success. Does 6 degrees of separation work as 6 degrees of success? This question will be what I am pondering today at work. Work, well, I pretend to work. I like to say, I am "Acting" like an Administrative Assistant. This is just a steady acting job. I'm diving into the role of "Quirky Midwestern 30-something that came to the city with visions of grandeur only to be knocked down and forced to work a day job to pay off debt and rent" So far, I think I have this character down...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Do you want to see a documentary?

This is the industrial I shot last year for a skin care company. It was a 10 week process that really did help my skin. The producers wanted me to be blonde so they paid for all my salon visits to keep my hair the bright blonde you see in the video, that was nice! It's kind of fun to be online. Although most of the pictures of me are of NO MAKE-UP which is a very humbling experience.

www.obagi.com and click on the video link in the lower left-had corner.

Or you can try this one!


Monday, November 06, 2006

I met Tom Bosley

My husband is working for the Broadway tour of On Golden Pond starring Tom Bosley and Michael Learned. It was a good play, but more importantly, I got to meet Tom! He is a kind, funny, and gracious man. It was great to still see him on stage working! Of course it brings me back to the days watching Happy Days in the apartment I grew up in. It was on over dinner time so there was always amazing smells coming from the kitchen...Those were the good ol'days.

Friday, November 03, 2006

I am a good Indian sister-in-law!

This was my S-in-L Sonali at here wedding in April. It was an amazingly beautiful day with both the "Indian" ceremony and the "Christian" ceremony.

All the women in the wedding are in one room getting ready before the ceremony, with a "Sari Patrol" on duty to put us into our Sari's! I have no idea how the fabric stayed on me, but it did. I still have the sari but I'm afraid I will never get to wear it again unless someone helps me into it!

My Sis the Hockey Player

So Dayna decided that hockey is cool, and I didn't believe it until I saw it! There is a whole league of girl hockey players that kick butt! You almost forget that you are watching a bunch of girls skate around in their huge uniforms until you see a long ponytail sticking out from under the helmet! I was very impressed with my little sis, as she has only been on the ice about 4 weeks and she can already skate circles around me. Rock on Sista Soldier!

My Nephew!!!!

I went to Minnesota to visit the fam and was able to spend the night at my Dad's house. "Papa Craig" as I like to call him and Grandma Becky have my step-sister Stephanie and her son Nicholas staying with them. Which worked out perfect for me because then I was able to hang out with them all at once. Nicholas is adorable and already getting into everything! He is almost walking and I can't wait for him to be big enough to follow "Papa Craig" around the land!

Here he is "helping" my dad clean out the barn. A barn that is used for storage of things rather than live animals.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I have a show coming up!

Here is the info. I hope you can make it!

The Coolest Step-Daughter Ever

So I had no idea three years ago when I ran away(despite the pleads from my parents) to get married that I would end up with an awesome step-daughter.

This Halloween she dressed up as Captain Jack Sparrow. But it wasn't just a "costume in a bag" this was a well thought out process including character study! Two weeks before Halloween she was practicing with her compass, making sure she had the "jack swagger." Not only that, she didn't want any drawn on facial hair, oh no, she had her mom fit her for a full real-looking goatee! I love this kid. 6 years old and smarter than me! =D

This is my blog...wooohhoooooo!

I tried to find a way to send all the people I love updated pics of life in NYC. It turned out to be not very convenient, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and produce myself a blog(said with a southern twang).

I'll start by offering to the world a painting by Julie Harvey as I think it sums me up. I think I shall call this painting"Hey world I have a big ol' booty." Although I cannot technically rename this painting as I'm not the artist. Her website is www.julieharvey.com. I'm proud of this painting because I've never had anyone paint me before. And she did a great job too! Sitting for this session was a work out on the legs but totally worth it!